Bespoke Consultancy

Griffyn has worked with a variety of companies and venues to facilitate education, workshops, training, policy development and implementation, outreach, and artist development. Griffyn uses a non-judgmental framework and focuses on your organisation's goals to provide useful and ongoing support. So that everyone is welcome. From performers to front of house, admin to audiences, and beyond.

[Griffyn believes in widespread conversations and access across all barriers - all fees are sliding scale]

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Mental Health

Griffyn is a certified Mental Health First Aider. He works with venues, theatre companies, and other arts organisations to create bespoke plans of support for touring companies, actors, and artists.

Griffyn also is a First Aider contact for venues and companies in three main capacities:

1. Individual events (ie. the run of a show or screening of a film with particularly difficult content)
2. Ongoing projects, such as a tour or creation of a company/venue policy document)
3.Over a span of events, such as an entire season or recurring festival

Currently, Griffyn is working with the New Diorama Theatre, Milk Presents, China Plate, and LOCO Film Festival at BFI, among other initiatives.

If you have any questions, or might like to work with Griffyn on creating or improving a support system around mental health at your organisation, contact him:


Gender Positivity

[AKA TraNSGender Diversity]

Griffyn has been working in transgender education, support and access for 9 years. He holds a BA Hons in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Both his MA and (current) PhD studies (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama) focus on gender and trans experiences.

With Milk Presents, Griffyn has developed and leads a series of Gender Positivity workshops. Griffyn also provides individual consultation services for both stage and screen.

Griffyn has been/is working with the Lyric Hammersmith, BBC2, Kudos, SoHo Theatre, Camden People's Theatre, and more.

To contact him or learn more about the workshops he leads with Leo Skillbeck and Milk Presents, contact him here:



Griffyn is passionate about working to promote disability access of all kinds. He is especially dedicated to providing education about Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger Syndrome (ASD), and working not only to make work for people on the spectrum, but to create better working environments for artists with ASD.

Griffyn works professionally as an access consultant, to develop bespoke solutions for venues, companies, and other arts organisations. He partners with the Globe Theatre, Improbable (Devoted and Disgruntled), Ellie Griffiths, Scary Little Girls, Chris Goode and Company, and more. You can learn more about best practice, Griffyn's work, and other sources on ASD access from the Limitless Report, commissioned by National Theatre Scotland. 

He runs the Youtube Channel Other Planets, dedicated to shedding light on the condition, lifting stigma, and spotlighting current news and intriguing individuals with ASD.

For more info, contact him: