Griffyn writes texts to be performed, read, and/or heard. His story Q.E.D. (Queer Existential Datamap) appears in Spy Kids Review, Issue I, and his story Backyard Z appears in Wrong Quarterly, Issue V. He's written performances for Something Other's Reading the Internet, as well as contributed to various script drafting processes, in London and across the UK and US..

Griffyn just released Citadel, his first complete book. It's a different world, a yell, a lullaby, and multitudes of queer love. Download it here: Citadel PDF

His favourite project is Griffyn's Imaginary Animal Adoption Planet. Based on a prompt as long as you want or as short as what you had for breakfast, he will write you a personal and unique imaginary animal to live in your home. Visit his Twitter or write to him to adopt your own animal.

His blog is now active. He is holding on open, LGBTQ+ - friendly conversation on harassment, assault, abuse, and the complexities of those movements. He also writes about everything from sound design to immigration to gun violence to new, nerdy music tracks.